The countdown is almost done. The moment that every child has been waiting for is just around the corner. Summer break! We know that you, as parents, still have your normal routines and it can be a little bit tricky planning out the perfect summer for your child, so in this post we’ll give you a few tips to make the vacation fun and beneficial for your kiddo. One option for fun that will be available to you the entire time is our indoor playground in Granada Hills! Contact us today to book a party or to learn more about our play place, or just visit Lil’ Town today!

Spend Some Time Outdoors

Yes, we are an indoor playground, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love spending some time outdoors and think that you should too! We’re going to have some great weather this summer, so we all need to get out and enjoy it. This shouldn’t be too hard to convince your kid! After all, what child doesn’t love running around outside in the summer? Here in Granada Hills, we’re lucky to live close enough to the beach to set several days of the summer aside for splashing around in the ocean. There are also plenty of parks around to let your kid run around with, and even exploring the city can be a great time spent outdoors!

Keep Them Moving!

It’s so important to teach your child to live a healthy lifestyle at an early age. These days, it can be hard prying your kids away from the couch and especially their phones and tablets. This isn’t beneficial for their health or their brain. Consider having them sign up for a summer sports league or a dance class. Anything that will have them moving and grooving! They’ll learn that this is much more fun than playing some app on a phone! Another great option to get their energy out and get a little exercise is to visit My Lil’ Town! They’ll get plenty of activity scaling our climbing walls and messing around on our jungle gym!

Take a Trip

We know you have a busy life, it’s not like you get a summer break from your job. But if you can take the time off or clear your schedule for just a couple of days, we highly recommend that you take a family trip. It doesn’t even have to be very far away! Camping is a great option or taking a road trip to somewhere that you’ve never been. What matters is spending time with the family, bonding together, and making the most out of the summer.

Visit My Lil’ Town

While there are so many options for you to do this summer (we might have to give some more tips in a later blog) the main thing to keep in mind is to have fun! Remember that our indoor playground in Granada Hills is always a great option. Come visit us today!