1. Summer Break

    The countdown is almost done. The moment that every child has been waiting for is just around the corner. Summer break! We know that you, as parents, still have your normal routines and it can be a little bit tricky planning out the perfect summer for your child, so in this post we’ll give you a few tips to make the vacation fun and beneficial for your kiddo. One option for fun that will be available to you the entire... Read More

  2. Common Birthday Party Mistakes

    Children look forward to their birthday parties all year long! It’s a time to hang out with their best friends, get presents, run around like a crazy person, and, of course, eat cake! It’s truly a special time for any child, that is, unless something goes wrong. There’s nothing worse or more terrifying than an […]

  3. Benefits of Playing

    Playing is one of a child’s favorite things to, and boy do we have the best place for them to do it! Here at My Lil’ Town, we have the most unique kids’ play area in Granada Hills! It’s a miniature town for the little ones! And while the most important things for the kids […]

  4. Indoor Playgrounds Vs. Outdoor

    It’s no secret that it’s important for kids to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and play with their friends. They need that Vitamin D! However, there are several benefits that come with indoor play as well! Here at My Lil’ Town, we’re proud to provide children with a safe space to play and use their […]